Muslim MPs agree to MMDA reform

On 11th of July 2019, Muslim Parliamentarians met to discuss what areas of MMDA reform they would support. The report by the Justice Saleem Marsoof Committee (2009 to 2018) was reviewed by Muslim MPs after having consultations with members of the committee and other interested parties over the course of the year. The points of contention in the report, both having basis in Sharia were therefore carefully considered in the light of which would best suit the culture and context of the Muslims of Sri Lanka.

  • Minimum age of 18, similar to the GMRO.
  • Mandatory signature of the bride to make the marriage valid.
  • Mandatory registration to make the marriage valid.
  • Position of Quazi available to qualified women.
  • Role of Wali still necessary, with provisions for a male Quazi from another jurisdiction to deputize for this role in the instance the Quazi is female.
  • Upgrade the Quazi court similar to magistrate court.
  • Requiring a qualification of Attorney of Law and sound knowledge of Islamic Law for Quazis.
  • Stringent and comprehensive limits on polygamy.
  • All matters reached consensus in the 2018 report.

The full document with all points and details can be downloaded below.

Hon Faiszer Musthapha makes the announcement public.

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