Dr Farouque Commission (1973)

The Farouque commitee report was an independent commitee that assessed the 1951 Act and gave a set of recommendations.

“The recommendations revealed what was happening in other Muslim countries and cited some articles that had been written by Ahmad bin Ibrahim, Attorney General of Singapore, and the Dean of Islamic International University in Kuala Lampur.” – Dr Farouque

Recommendations included:

  • Entry of the bride’s written consent.
  • Introducing a minimum age of 14 years.
  • Compensation for the wife (Matah) if a husband divorces her for no fault on her part.
  • Allow a wife to initiate divorce irrespective of sect.
  • Giving the Qazis greater powers.
  • Preventing abuse by non-Muslims who enter polygamous marriages.
  • Punishments to men who give false information in order to enter po- lygamy.

Other Signatories included:

Sir Razik Fareed, Dr MCM Kaleel, Mr M. A. M. Hussain (retired district Judge) Mr A. M, Ameen (retired district Judge), Mr M. Markhani, (President of the Board of Qazis), Mr AH Mohideen (Board of Quazis)
Mr MUM Saleem (Board of Quazis), Mr MM Zuhair, Attorney and State Counsel Mr ALM Lafir, Retired Qazi.

Scanned Copy of report.

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