“The ideals of the Quran both in letter and spirit should be the living reality of the community.” – Deshabandu Jezima Ismail

In 1986 Mrs Jezima Ismail co founded Muslim Womens Research and Action Forum (MWRAF) and has been campaigning to reform the Muslim Personal Law and bring it to the ideals espoused in the Quran.

In the last 30 years MWRAF has been active in advocating for change:

  • They have organized training programmes for Quazis.
  • Provided legal aid to women.
  • Published several books on Muslim law in Sri Lanka.
  • Advocated for better facilities for the Qazis.
  • Have pushed for women to be included in the decision making process.
  • Campaigned for the Judicial Services Commission to issue a circular granting the Qur’anic enshrined Matah (compensation) for divorcees.
Law Reports published by MWRAF
Their publications and research have helped society and key opinion leaders understand how to navigate the reform framework keeping in mind Sri Lanka’s context.